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Subject: Re: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
From: "Travis Farmer" travis5765@...........
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 23:44:38 -0400

ahhh, I see now.
as for how to take them apart, if you look very carefully at the picture of 
the KS-54000 (I assume they are similar in construction), at the base there 
appears to be threads. from this I would think the outer casing simply 
screwed off. just a note, if they have been in the ground all this time I 
would guess any threads would probably be corroded.
I agree that they should be tested and one of the noisy ones should be 
disassembled first to see exactly what the deal is.


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>Subject: Re: KS36000 seismos and assumptions?
>Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 23:19:37 EDT
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>In a message dated 29/04/01, travis5765@........... writes:
> > I can't remember who exactly said it but someone said (in this mailing 
> > that the sensors are sealed with a gas around them to prevent noise. I 
> > assuming that if you take them apart the gas will leak out and cause 
> > (probably the reason for the noisy channels in the first place).
>        If you go the the GeoTech site and have a
>look at their current borehole seismos, they show a stripped down photo.
>There are three gold coloured cylinders suspended in the centre section 
>are presumably the sealed units. I would expect them to have very low
>pressure gas in them. This allows cooling but inhibits convection. There 
>probably be metal glass leadthroughs somewhere for the wiring. I would
>suggest that the instruments be tested if possible and only ones with 
>units be stripped down. It looks as if the main case can be stripped off -
>there has to be some way to make them! The current instruments seem to have
>the electronics inside them and require 24 V DC.
>        If anyone could find a manual, one of which would probably be 
>with every instrument of this sort of cost, it would be most helpful. The
>manual of one of our 'scopes had "WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, TRY READING THIS
>MANUAL" printed on the cover!
>        Regards,
>        Chris Chapman

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