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Subject: Re: The KS36000 posthole seismometers
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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 14:53:26 -0400

an idea on shipping, what about a rental moving van/truck?
there are some that should be large enough to handle the load.


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>Subject: Re: The KS36000 posthole seismometers
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>Several points:
>1)Storage: If someone will drive them to Chino, CA, I have space in my
>plane hangar that we could store and disassemble -- no cost and no hurry
>to tear the units apart.  The down side is the driving/truck trip. I
>don't have a truck, only a small trailer towable with my car
>occasionally.  40 units x 150# is 6000#.  The trailer is rated for a
>1000# -- just a bit of overload!  I'm not conversant with truck ratings,
>but probably the do-it-yourself truck rentals are in the ton to ton and
>half range.  That is still shy of the requirement.  It would take a
>tractor/trailer type to haul that 3 ton load and then you'd be back in
>the crating and shipping business.  Such trucks require a different
>drivers license and are probably out of our league.  Any truckers on
>this list that could tailgate the load?
>2) A thought just occurred to me for packing for trucking if you have
>enclosed sides.  Put down a layer of seismo units, take cans of spray
>foam (as used for house insulation and such) spray between the units and
>the sides.  That would lock them in and prevent shifting.  Add layers
>and continue in a similar manner.
>2) Re: testing for noisy units.  I doubt this is possible.  If the noise
>is due to thermal fluctuations of the gas, we would not be able to get a
>stable enough physical (read that as a no vibration) mounting in a
>storage unit to get to that noise floor level.  I think one just has to
>take their chances in this area.  My guess is that the seismo units
>proper were evacuated and always under vacuum, then the containment
>vessel holding the three seismo units was back filled under pressure
>with helium for uniform temperature control, corrosion control and to
>try and keep moisture from infiltrating.
>Charles R. Patton
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