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Subject: Re: The KS36000 posthole seismometers
From: "ed thelen" ethelen@........
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 15:04:24 -0700

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> Several points:
> 1)Storage: If someone will drive them to Chino, CA, I have space in my
> plane hangar that we could store and disassemble -- no cost and no hurry
> to tear the units apart.

Well, the pot seems boiling  :-)

Plan A)
   ( doable in mid May)
   (assuming we figure how to not damage the units in transit!)
    -  I fly San Jose, CA to Albuquerque, New Mexico
          ( $137 on South West)
    - pick up truck -  Albuquerque to Chino, one-way, U-Haul or what ever -
         estimated cost $400
    - pack California units in manner  to be determined   (some one in area
           cost ???  time???
    - place California units onto truck (I even have a NASA fork-lift
license  ;-)
    - drive to Phoenix, AR, stay with friends, maybe stay 2 nights
           gas  50 gal? cost ?$100.
    - drive to L.A. (Chino)
    - deliver Southern California units to Chino
           gas  40 gal? cost ?$80.
    - load units for Northern California into cousin's husband's car
    - drive up L.A. to San Jose with my cousin's husband in his car
         for pickup by participating S.F. area folks
         (complicated, but he does this trip every few weeks.)
            gas 15 gal? cost ?$30

Estimated out of pocket for me $750, not including packing
I contribute my time.

Plan B)  your turn  :-))

   Ed Thelen


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