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Subject: Re: The KS36000 jumping the gun
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Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 20:41:25 EDT

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<< Hi All,
 When planning on moving ALL 40 units to California,  please remember there
 are three of us here in COlorado that plan to go directly to pick up ours.
 Your idea for distribution there is fine, but please remember there IS a
 schedule that was developed by Mr Hutt for distribution.  I, for one, would
 not appreciate driving almost two days to find an empty warehouse.
 Raul   >>

Hi Raul,

 I am sorry there seems to be this misunderstanding. It is all my fault. The 
plan right from the beginning has always been that you would go down to 
Albuquerque and Charles would fly down to meet you there. Then the two of you 
would decide what to do with the free Seismometers. Certainly you and others 
from Colorado are welcome to load as many as you want into your cars to take 
home. What we have been trying to figure out in recent letters posted on PSN 
is figure out how we can get the rest of them to some place where they can be 
taken apart to figure out what is best to do with them and how to make them 
available to PSN members who might want one. Because Charles has a hanger 
where he can store them and take a few apart to see what is inside, recent 
letters have been to him in reference to how best to remove them from the 
warehouse that Dr. Hutt wants vacated and get them to California. Please rest 
assured that you are part of the plan and as many as you want are yours to 
take home with you after the two of you have gotten Dr.Hutt's warehouse 
cleaned out. I'm sure Charles intends to work with you in meeting Dr. Hutts 
schedule as to when you both should come to pick them up. Please forgive me 
for creating this misunderstanding.

Best regards,

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