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Subject: Re: The KS36000 jumping the gun
From: "Charles R. Patton" charles.r.patton@........
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:55:51 -0700

First, let me apologize if I left the impression I was trying to abscond
with all the units.  I was just trying to size up the magnitude of the
job if somebody becomes tasked with storing and later shipping the units
to various requestors.

Second, I realized I hadn't put my name on a request list, so I emailed
Dr. Hutt last nignt to put in my request for a unit and ask about
whether they were in shipping containers.  This is his reply:
"The units are **not** in their original shipping containers.  However,
they are, to some extent, tied down to pallets (something like four or
five units to a pallet).  Once I figure out how many are left for your
group I will contact you again.

Please send me a list of the people for whom you are acting.  This will
help me a lot.  The units will be available for pickup starting next
week sometime, hopefully by Monday, May 7.  However, don't plan on any
particular pickup day yet until I do some coordinating and planning this

Note:  The PSN folks that I know about (and who I think are still
interested) are:

Raul Alvarez
Casper Hossfield
Karl Cunningham

There are other names on my list that I suspect are associated with PSN,
but I don't have that information.  Since the number of Test
Set/Controllers (TS/Cs) are limited, it would be best if the PSN group
could take only one TS/C and share it.  (It is only needed at
installation time.)"

If Raul, myself and others are going to move these units, we need to
understand how many units are going where.  As Dr. Hutt says above, he
doesn't know the affiliation of all the requestors.  I would like to
request that the PSN members let us and/or Dr. Hutt know if they made a
request for one of these units and are anticipating that we (Raul,
myself and unknown others) are going to figure out how to ship it to
them later (and identifying themselves as PSN members).  An additional
bit of information is whether you want it intact or it is OK to ship as
separate pieces (which I anticipate should be cheaper, but that remains
to be verified.)  Then using that list together with Dr. Hutt's list we
can find out how many units will actually have to be moved around.  For
instance, if the list above is substantially complete (I know that Angel
wants one, so add his name to the list), then forget the truck, I'd use
my car trailer to haul the units, and so I would just drive over.  I
could handle 6 complete units that way, or more if we could break them
down immediately and dispense with the cases (a big unknown though).

Charles R. Patton

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