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Subject: RE: KS36000
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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 14:03:46 -0400

I guess everyone would want a box full of snakes, if it was free.
Age, and electrical condition should be considered as well.
How do you align and calibrate this sensor.
Do you need an oil well drilling device to make the hole.
Is this an X - Y - Z, gimbaled sensor that requires a special calibrating
Who do I talk to, so I can sign up for my box full of snakes.

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	From Bryan Goss:
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	I tried to send this to you and the list but I can not using my
account bgoss@..................   I sent
you this email using bgoss@.........    can you post
this on the mailing list wile I workout why I cant send anything to you
using my regular email account Thanks Bryan S Goss
	I would like to have or buy one of the KS36000 seismos I called Mr.
	with the USGS he said I was number 26 and I may not be able to get
one and
	that he had request for more than one from some people. I would pay
	or whatever If someone on the list is able to get extra unit Thanks
Bryan S.
	Goss............ Corinth Ms
	I have been trying to send this message to the list, but I am having
some kind of trouble I would be willing to pay for part of the storage cost
if necessary or help in any way I could I really want one of the units I am
currently running one of Larry's a/d cards and a home built seismograph.

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