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Subject: Shipping giant tubular objects
From: Doug Crice dcrice@............
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 16:17:38 -0700


I think folks here are excessively concerned about the fragility of
these things.  If they are tied down on pallets, then the mass and
springiness of the pallets probably creates a package that could get
shipped "as is".

If you visit an air freight office, you can see really interesting
things being shipped by air with rudimentary packaging (including
strapped to pallets).

Standard air freight probably would be the least destructive and is
often much cheaper than truck. I routinely ship a 150 pound
ground-penetrating radar across country for about $75. The key is to
specify "slow air freight" instead of "next flight out" and go to the
airport yourself.  It may sit in Chicago for a day.

So, if somebody could come up with a weight and count of the available
pallets, you might just ask United Airlines for a quote to ship pallets
to different airports for pickup by a local PSN representative.  I would
guess we're talking $200/pallet or less.  If you add pickup on the
Albuquerque end, it still might be reasonable. Delivery at the
destination would cost extra. 

You might be able to afford a freight forwarder at the ALBQ end, maybe
you ought to get a quote from Emery as well. They could do everything
(just remember that slower is cheaper).


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