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Subject: manuals for KS36000
From: sean@...........
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 22:39:44 -0500 (CDT)

re: KS3600 manuals


Good work in addressing the manual problem. I would have asked Dr.
Hutt myself, but he prefers that I devote all my interests to the
Beam-Balance tiltmeter project. I no longer have access to a manual
(for complicated reasons), so I would be more than happy to pay
for a copy for reference. It is possible that I can help resolve
problems for those who do get a working instrument. I would also
be willing to try to design a home-made basic installation box for
the KS36k, to just do simple centering, etc functions, so folks
won't have to wait their turn for sharing the Geotech installation
test and calibration box every time they wanted to work on their

and Mark, down under:

Try to get a unit with southern hemisphere output, since down there
up is down, etc. And I would wait on digging the hole until your
unit lands if it is sent by rocket. Hopefully the impact hole will
be in your yard.

Speaking of holes, I have a used tiltmeter test pit 11 meters deep
by 1 meter diameter in my back field that I would be willing to 
donate to the first taker.

And has anyone looked into having UPS ship the KS36k? I forget how
long it is, but I used to ship bundles of 6 ft antenna parts, shovels,
etc. to the Aleutians by UPS; they were eventually carried by Reeve
Aleutian Air, as were 10 ft Rohn tower sections (by air freight).


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