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Subject: Re: Shipping the KS3600 by air (no rockets!!)
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Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 21:54:14 EDT

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<< And has anyone looked into having UPS ship the KS36k? I forget how
 long it is, but I used to ship bundles of 6 ft antenna parts, shovels,
 etc. to the Aleutians by UPS; they were eventually carried by Reeve
 Aleutian Air, as were 10 ft Rohn tower sections (by air freight). >>

Hi All,

Acting on Sean-Thomas's suggestion above, I called UPS to see what the story 
is. Yes, they can do it but not by the regular UPS Brown Truck service. They 
have a subsidiary, UPS Logistics, that ships big heavy stuff that regular UPS 
can't handle. To get a quote call 1 888 866 2329. They quoted $244 for 200 
pounds by 2-day air from Albuquerque to Vernon, NJ where I live, about 90 km 
northwest of New York City. It will be delivered to my home. I don't have to 
go to the airport to pick it up, which is nice. There is a catch though 
(naturally). for them to pick it up it must be on a pallet so they can load 
it on a truck to take it to their air terminal in Albuquerque. UPS Logistics 
cannot put it on a pallet for you, unfortunately.

Next I called "Mailbox, Etc" in Albuquerque, 505 792 0917 (ask for Jerry 
Beck). They quoted $125 to take a pallet to the USGS warehouse and strap my 
KS36000 on it and bring it back to their store where they have a contract 
with UPS. UPS Logistics will then pick it up from MailBox Etc and put it on 
their plane. So My free :-) KS36000 will cost me a mere $369 !!!. Well, it's 
only money, and the whole deal is arranged with my credit card. Considering 
what a fine instrument the Geotech KS36000 is I'm happy and grateful to Dr. 
Hutt for putting one aside for me.

So......Is there anyone in the New York City Area who would like to share 
this pallet with me? If so, we can each have a free :-) KS36000 for about 
$200 each. There's plenty of room on the pallet for more seismos if there are 
others in the NYC area who are interested. I live on a farm so I can park the 
pallet in my barn until you come for yours. If you have a car that's too 
small for this beast I might be willing, with some arm twisting, to bring it 
to you in my pickup truck.

Best regards, 


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