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Subject: Re: Shipping the KS3600 by air (no rockets!!)
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Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 23:07:00 -0400

would you bring it so far as Farmington Maine?
or would that require twisting both arms and legs?


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>Subject: Re: Shipping the KS3600 by air (no rockets!!)
>Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 21:54:14 EDT
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><< And has anyone looked into having UPS ship the KS36k? I forget how
>  long it is, but I used to ship bundles of 6 ft antenna parts, shovels,
>  etc. to the Aleutians by UPS; they were eventually carried by Reeve
>  Aleutian Air, as were 10 ft Rohn tower sections (by air freight). >>
>Hi All,
>Acting on Sean-Thomas's suggestion above, I called UPS to see what the 
>is. Yes, they can do it but not by the regular UPS Brown Truck service. 
>have a subsidiary, UPS Logistics, that ships big heavy stuff that regular 
>can't handle. To get a quote call 1 888 866 2329. They quoted $244 for 200
>pounds by 2-day air from Albuquerque to Vernon, NJ where I live, about 90 
>northwest of New York City. It will be delivered to my home. I don't have 
>go to the airport to pick it up, which is nice. There is a catch though
>(naturally). for them to pick it up it must be on a pallet so they can load
>it on a truck to take it to their air terminal in Albuquerque. UPS 
>cannot put it on a pallet for you, unfortunately.
>Next I called "Mailbox, Etc" in Albuquerque, 505 792 0917 (ask for Jerry
>Beck). They quoted $125 to take a pallet to the USGS warehouse and strap my
>KS36000 on it and bring it back to their store where they have a contract
>with UPS. UPS Logistics will then pick it up from MailBox Etc and put it on
>their plane. So My free :-) KS36000 will cost me a mere $369 !!!. Well, 
>only money, and the whole deal is arranged with my credit card. Considering
>what a fine instrument the Geotech KS36000 is I'm happy and grateful to Dr.
>Hutt for putting one aside for me.
>So......Is there anyone in the New York City Area who would like to share
>this pallet with me? If so, we can each have a free :-) KS36000 for about
>$200 each. There's plenty of room on the pallet for more seismos if there 
>others in the NYC area who are interested. I live on a farm so I can park 
>pallet in my barn until you come for yours. If you have a car that's too
>small for this beast I might be willing, with some arm twisting, to bring 
>to you in my pickup truck.
>Best regards,
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