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Subject: Re: Event recorded? earthquake at 02:25UTC 5/2/01
From: Stephen & Kathy mortskm@.......
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 22:17:58 -0700

Hi,,   for some reason the lists are behind???   The world helicorder is about 7
hours behind??
But, I do see what looks like long distant waves at a couple webicorders:
Keep your eye on the lists,,,   it should show up eventually!
  PSN Station #55
  near Pilot Hill Ca.
  38.828N  120.979W

Bill DiCarlo wrote:

> Hello,
> Anyone else pickup this reading? (02:25UTC 5/2/01)I am here in
> Madison,(Northern) NJ.
> Regards'
> Bill DiCarlo


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