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Subject: Re: Shipping the KS3600 by air (no rockets!!)
From: CapAAVSO@.......
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 10:10:26 EDT

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travis5765@........... writes:

<< would you bring it so far as Farmington Maine?
 or would that require twisting both arms and legs? >>

Hi Travis,
Farmington, Maine is much too far. I might be willing, however, to bring it 
part way and meet you near Providence, Rhode Island where one of my sons 
lives. Let's wait to see what develops. I believe Sean-Thomas's offer to 
design a homebrew tester to do the set up plus his promise to design homebrew 
electronics to get the KS36000 recording earthquakes will make more people 
willing write to Dr. Hutt to request one of these "free" seismos :-) His 
suggestion to use a post hole auger with extensions to drill a ~3 meter 
borehole sounds good too. And his advice that a shallow borehole is plenty 
good enough convinces me any PSN member who knows what to do with a soldering 
iron can have a seismic station almost as good as the USGS stations. It sure 
will be an improvement over my Lehman!!!

Is there anyone else in the New York City or Providence, Rhode Island area 
interested in sharing my pallet from Albuquerque? Sharing saves $$ for each 
of us and makes the KS36k project affordable.

Best regards,


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