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Subject: Re: Shipping the KS3600 by air (no rockets!!)
From: "Travis Farmer" travis5765@...........
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 22:15:45 -0400

I have started to realize I haven't the budget nor the transportation to 
pick up one of the units. I guess I will be stuck with my Lehman sensor that 
barely registers a car driving next to it (poor bearing points).
The best of luck to the rest of you though.


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>Subject: Re: Shipping the KS3600 by air (no rockets!!)
>Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 10:10:26 EDT
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><< would you bring it so far as Farmington Maine?
>  or would that require twisting both arms and legs? >>
>Hi Travis,
>Farmington, Maine is much too far. I might be willing, however, to bring it
>part way and meet you near Providence, Rhode Island where one of my sons
>lives. Let's wait to see what develops. I believe Sean-Thomas's offer to
>design a homebrew tester to do the set up plus his promise to design 
>electronics to get the KS36000 recording earthquakes will make more people
>willing write to Dr. Hutt to request one of these "free" seismos :-) His
>suggestion to use a post hole auger with extensions to drill a ~3 meter
>borehole sounds good too. And his advice that a shallow borehole is plenty
>good enough convinces me any PSN member who knows what to do with a 
>iron can have a seismic station almost as good as the USGS stations. It 
>will be an improvement over my Lehman!!!
>Is there anyone else in the New York City or Providence, Rhode Island area
>interested in sharing my pallet from Albuquerque? Sharing saves $$ for each
>of us and makes the KS36k project affordable.
>Best regards,
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