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Subject: Picking up KS36000 Seismometers
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 17:00:14 -0700

Hi all --

I spoke this morning with Charles Patton and Dr. Hutt.  Sorry to be the 
bearer of bad tidings.  Due to the large number of requests (90 as of this 
writing), Dr. Hutt has been forced to limit the number of seismometers to 
seven for the entire PSN.  Here is the list of PSNers requesting 
seismometers, along with the number requested and where they stand in Dr. 
Hutt's overall list of requesters.  Dr. Hutt called after sending the list 
via email and asked that people be allotted only one each, and that they 
not be allowed to request one for a friend.  Dr. Hutt's email to me is 
referenced at the end of this message.  If anyone has been left out, I 
apologize, but please let me know ASAP.

Rank  Qty  Name
  3    2    Raul J. Alvarez
  9    3    Meredith Lamb
  5    2    Bob Lewis           includes one for a friend
18    2    Casper Hossfield
19    2    Karl Cunningham     includes one for a friend
20    1    Bryan Goss
21    1    Charles Patton
24    1    Jack Ivey
27    1    Tony Potenzo

To Jack and Tony: Dr. Hutt mentioned that there is the possibility of "no 
shows", in which case he will offer any remaining ones toward the end of 
June.  See his email at the bottom of this message.

In speaking to Charles this morning, the limited quantity reduces the need 
to only one vehicle, and we decided that I would make the drive instead of 
him.  As it stands, I will be driving to Albuquerque on Sunday and will 
pick them up from the USGS warehouse Monday morning.  It is my 
understanding that Raul, Meredith, and Bob are making arrangements to pick 
up their own.  My plan is to pick up four seismometers, for Casper, myself, 
Bryan, and Charles, and bring them back to Southern California.  Charles 
and I will pack and ship Casper and Bryan's units to them.  I hope this is 
ok with Casper and Bryan, for whom I plan to get a seismometer.  If anyone 
has a different rendition of the situation, please let me know.

When picked up, Dr. Hutt needs assurance that these seismometers will not 
be resold, and will have each person sign a statement to that effect.  I 
will request that of Casper and Bryan also, when we ship their units out.

I will work with Dr. Hutt to get the 500-page technical manual and make 
copies available at cost for anyone who wants one.

For those who didn't get what they wanted, I'm sure there is disappointment 
and hope there is not hard feelings.  My sincere thanks to everyone who 
worked on this, contributing to efforts to pick them up, dismantle them, 
pack them, ship them, and much more.  I also appreciate Dr. Hutt's efforts 
to fairly distribute these instruments to those who can use them.


The email from Dr. Hutt follows:

>>Actually, Tony Potenzo did contact me - I just hadn't read all my email 
>>when you called. (His email came from a Donna Whitaker.) He is now number 
>>27 on the overall list of 29 requestors. There have been a number of 
>>Universities and others that have requested up to 15 instruments each. 
>>None of these groups is getting more than 5, at least for now. But the 
>>number of requests is for around 90 instruments.
>>Anyway, I have labelled your list of PSNers in the order I heard from 
>>them, including the one from Tony. The number is their ranking on my 
>>overall list of everybody.
>>The list below adds up to requests for a total of 12 seismometers. At 
>>this point I am only willing to let the PSN group have 5. Maybe more 
>>later depending on how many of the requesters higher on the list actually 
>>show up. I am going to give them a deadline of 30 June 2001. After that, 
>>it will truly be first come, first served - whoever shows up!
>>We weighed one of the seismometers. It actually weighs 170 lb., not 150 
>>as I had originally estimated. They are 92 inches long. The ones without 
>>the top connector neck on them are only 87 inches long. (There are 13 
>>like that.) I don't think you would want to put more than 5 of them in 
>>your station wagon due to the weight.
>>Please confirm whether or not you would be picking up the one for Casper 
>>Hossfield. So far he has told me that he is making arrangements with 
>>Mailboxes Etc and UPS for packing and pickup.
>>Bob Hutt
>>    3. Raul J. Alvarez
>>9. meredith lamb
>>19. Karl Cunningham (requested one for a friend too)
>>5. Bob Lewis (requested one for a friend too)
>>18. Casper Hossfield
>>24. Jack Ivey
>>20. Bryan Goss
>>21. Charles Patton
>>**Angel Rodriguez - Angel withdrew his (her?) request after seeing the 
>>amount of effort involved with installing one of these, but it originally 
>>came in just before Raul's request.
>>27. Tony Potenzo


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