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Subject: Re: Interesting sensor pickup.
From: "meredith lamb" mlamb1@.........
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 23:22:10 -0700

Hi Travis,

Your drawing looks excellent to totally conveys the
communication of the item description...the most important aspect.
You must be a computer artist?

I'am sure the approach has been checked on before in the PSN
past emails.  I've not heard of much success or satisfaction in
that kind of physical adoption....the coil preferably needs more
wire wraps than it has.....the more wire....the more the signal
it can generate, to the amplifier and etc.  It was nice to hear
though, of someone doing some experimenting with available
materials.  Another item that "might" yield a coil, is perhaps
some of these rechargeable items like toothbrushes etc.
Adopting any particular coil to a magnet that will accomodate
it is also sometimes kind of a challenge.....let alone all the other
parts of a home brew seismo.....but it can be fun to try.

Take care,

Meredith Lamb

Travis Farmer wrote:

> On my Lehman sensor I have been using a homemade coil that provided moderate
> output. I seem to have stumbled across something that works even better.
> >From an old (dead) hard drive,  I pulled the head positioning component and
> gave it a try. I drew up a (bad) picture of the piece I am talking about. It
> can be viewed at .
> I rigged up a linkage to the seismo and gave it a slow 1"/sec swing. I got
> an output of 0.026 V. the coil has a DC resistance of 18.1 Ohms.
> Anybody else tried a setup like this?
> -Travis


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