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Subject: Re: Picking up KS36000 Seismometers
From: "Bryan & Regina Goss" bgoss@..................
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 01:05:46 -0500

Here is my shipping address:

 Bryan S.Goss
 73 Cr 119
 Corinth MS 38834

Phone 1-662-287-5341

I can send you a money order for shipping cost and your time, gas or
whatever. Please let me know what to send you and to what address. Thanks
for your time  I look forward to this project  :> PS I would like to
purchase a copy of the manual as well.

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From: Karl Cunningham 
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 7:00 PM
Subject: Picking up KS36000 Seismometers

> Hi all --
> I spoke this morning with Charles Patton and Dr. Hutt.  Sorry to be the
> bearer of bad tidings.  Due to the large number of requests (90 as of this
> writing), Dr. Hutt has been forced to limit the number of seismometers to
> seven for the entire PSN.  Here is the list of PSNers requesting
> seismometers, along with the number requested and where they stand in Dr.
> Hutt's overall list of requesters.  Dr. Hutt called after sending the list
> via email and asked that people be allotted only one each, and that they
> not be allowed to request one for a friend.  Dr. Hutt's email to me is
> referenced at the end of this message.  If anyone has been left out, I
> apologize, but please let me know ASAP.
> Rank  Qty  Name
>   3    2    Raul J. Alvarez
>   9    3    Meredith Lamb
>   5    2    Bob Lewis           includes one for a friend
> 18    2    Casper Hossfield
> 19    2    Karl Cunningham     includes one for a friend
> 20    1    Bryan Goss
> 21    1    Charles Patton
> 24    1    Jack Ivey
> 27    1    Tony Potenzo
> To Jack and Tony: Dr. Hutt mentioned that there is the possibility of "no
> shows", in which case he will offer any remaining ones toward the end of
> June.  See his email at the bottom of this message.
> In speaking to Charles this morning, the limited quantity reduces the need
> to only one vehicle, and we decided that I would make the drive instead of
> him.  As it stands, I will be driving to Albuquerque on Sunday and will
> pick them up from the USGS warehouse Monday morning.  It is my
> understanding that Raul, Meredith, and Bob are making arrangements to pick
> up their own.  My plan is to pick up four seismometers, for Casper,
> Bryan, and Charles, and bring them back to Southern California.  Charles
> and I will pack and ship Casper and Bryan's units to them.  I hope this is
> ok with Casper and Bryan, for whom I plan to get a seismometer.  If anyone
> has a different rendition of the situation, please let me know.
> When picked up, Dr. Hutt needs assurance that these seismometers will not
> be resold, and will have each person sign a statement to that effect.  I
> will request that of Casper and Bryan also, when we ship their units out.
> I will work with Dr. Hutt to get the 500-page technical manual and make
> copies available at cost for anyone who wants one.
> For those who didn't get what they wanted, I'm sure there is
> and hope there is not hard feelings.  My sincere thanks to everyone who
> worked on this, contributing to efforts to pick them up, dismantle them,
> pack them, ship them, and much more.  I also appreciate Dr. Hutt's efforts
> to fairly distribute these instruments to those who can use them.
> Karl
> The email from Dr. Hutt follows:
> >>Karl,
> >>Actually, Tony Potenzo did contact me - I just hadn't read all my email
> >>when you called. (His email came from a Donna Whitaker.) He is now
> >>27 on the overall list of 29 requestors. There have been a number of
> >>Universities and others that have requested up to 15 instruments each.
> >>None of these groups is getting more than 5, at least for now. But the
> >>number of requests is for around 90 instruments.
> >>
> >>Anyway, I have labelled your list of PSNers in the order I heard from
> >>them, including the one from Tony. The number is their ranking on my
> >>overall list of everybody.
> >>
> >>The list below adds up to requests for a total of 12 seismometers. At
> >>this point I am only willing to let the PSN group have 5. Maybe more
> >>later depending on how many of the requesters higher on the list
> >>show up. I am going to give them a deadline of 30 June 2001. After that,
> >>it will truly be first come, first served - whoever shows up!
> >>
> >>We weighed one of the seismometers. It actually weighs 170 lb., not 150
> >>as I had originally estimated. They are 92 inches long. The ones without
> >>the top connector neck on them are only 87 inches long. (There are 13
> >>like that.) I don't think you would want to put more than 5 of them in
> >>your station wagon due to the weight.
> >>
> >>Please confirm whether or not you would be picking up the one for Casper
> >>Hossfield. So far he has told me that he is making arrangements with
> >>Mailboxes Etc and UPS for packing and pickup.
> >>Regards,
> >>Bob Hutt
> >>
> >>    3. Raul J. Alvarez
> >>9. meredith lamb
> >>19. Karl Cunningham (requested one for a friend too)
> >>5. Bob Lewis (requested one for a friend too)
> >>18. Casper Hossfield
> >>24. Jack Ivey
> >>20. Bryan Goss
> >>21. Charles Patton
> >>**Angel Rodriguez - Angel withdrew his (her?) request after seeing the
> >>amount of effort involved with installing one of these, but it
> >>came in just before Raul's request.
> >>27. Tony Potenzo
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