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Subject: homebrew data logging program
From: David russel ogzax@........
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 14:42:17 -0700

I've just completed an AtoD convertor using the ADC0809 eight bit
convertor chip. I can address it and do data in/out from the Lpt1 port.
It all works out Ok as electronics is my forte' but I'm a little weak in
the programming department. I've come up with a program written in Quick
Basic which is but a glorified three Channel 
oscilloscope. It uses PSET and LINE statements to graph it all out.
I also have routines to scale the data from the ADC input and also
control the horizonal sweep speed. The speed however is not calibrated to
any thing.

        How do I go about taking a reading twenty times a second ?
and do all the other program house keeping without these other chores
impacting the sampling rate ?

        Is there an answer out there ?
        singed, anxiety's child
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