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Subject: using microcontroller for date aquasition and storage.
From: "Travis Farmer" travis5765@............
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 18:42:49 -0400

I have been looking at the National Semiconductor CR16MCS9 chip. It has an 8
bit 12 channel ADC. The processor is 16 bit RISC, 25 MHz, and up to 56
general purpose I/O pins.
More info, datasheets, and Free samples (up to 5) can be found at .

Unfortunately I don't have skills in soldering micro circuit components so I
haven't tried much yet.
My idea is to build something that you can use with standard drives (floppy,
hard, zip, tape, ect...) for data storage.
There is an evaluation board for sale also. It is mounted with a PC-104
interface, rs232 (db9), and a few other features.
As I am mainly just an idea man and rarely have the resources to do anything
with them, I have brought it to the attention of you guys. The way I figure
it, you can build something up so all you have to do is collect data every
now and then (or run a very long rs232 cable to your computer) and just
build the components into a weather sealed box. Then just leave it with the

Any thoughts? Ideas? Volunteers to build one for me ;-) ?



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