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Great. I'll look around for it. Thanks Angel.

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Hello Kareem,

I found that the book "Anatomy of Seismograms" by Oto Kulhanek to be a
very clear and easy to read book about how to interpret seismograms.
It's a bit pricey but that book increased my enjoyment of this hobby
many fold.



Friday, May 04, 2001, 9:30:36 PM, you wrote:

KLSJ> Can anyone suggest any books or good readings on how to read a
KLSJ> and understand a geophone and its properties? I've read all of the
KLSJ> "suspended-mass-and-earth-moving-in relation-to-it" books. But it's
KLSJ> that many or all of you are well versed in the readings and analysis
KLSJ> seismograms. So if anyone can offer sumptin' I'd appreciate it.

KLSJ> Kareem Lanier

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