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Subject: Re: Attachments and the number of posts to this list - please read
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 18:44:38 -0700

Apparently some people can't follow directions.....Just for the record
people who do not follow the list rules will be blocked for posting
messages. The list rules are documented here This text file was sent to you when
you subscribed to the list. I'm also including it with this message.


List Rules:

1) Keep all posts as short as possible and to the point.
   (I only have a certain amount of bandwidth to send out email messages)

2) If you are including words from someone else's post (that you are
   referring or responding to), do NOT include more than a line or
   two of that post... we have already seen what they wrote. When
   replying, please edit out the following message appended to
   each outgoing PSN-L message:
   Public Seismic Network Mailing List (PSN-L)

  To leave this list email PSN-L-REQUEST@.............. with the body of the
  message: unsubscribe PSN-L

3)  Do not send personal messages through the list.

    - post to the list if you think your information would be
      beneficial for everyone to read (this is how we all can learn)

    - post directly to the individual if it is a personal note, an
      "I agree with what you said" or "Thank you" type notes.

4)  Do not send "me too's", "I agree's" or such to the list
    (it just wastes my bandwidth and other peoples time).

5)  Do NOT send computer virus warnings (such as the "good times" virus)
    to the list;  these are spams and not true (again, don't waste our
    time "warning" us of these)

6)  Send only TEXT messages to the list.  Do not include any
    attachments, HTML tags (this is referring to HTML code not links),
    or so forth. If you have a picture, or other binary type files
    to share with the group, you can uploaded when using FTP to See below for more information.

7)  ALWAYS treat everyone here with respect and post with professionalism.
    Any abusive, sarcastic, or berating behavior on the list will be
    cause for list suspension and will not be tolerated.  Please report
    any occurrences of this to the listowner (cochrane@................

8)  This list is closed meaning only list members can post to the list. This
    is done to prevent spammers from sending messages to the list. When you
    post to the list the From: address must match the address you used when
    subscribing to the list.

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From: "Casey Crane" 
Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2001 6:27 PM
Subject: Re: Attachments and the number of posts to this list - please read

> Thank you larry.
> Casey


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