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Subject: Re: Attachments and the number of posts to this list - please read
From: "Travis Farmer" travis5765@...........
Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 21:51:58 -0400

Iím not the one trying to post attachments. I was the one saying that if I 
need to give access to a file, rather than attaching it, I upload it to a 
temp directory on my web server and provide a link to it. I do this for the 
same reason you don't allow attachments to be posted. not only does it clog 
the list but those who don't wonít or need the file don't have to download 


>From: "Larry Cochrane" 
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>Subject: Attachments and the number of posts to this list - please read
>Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 17:57:33 -0700
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>I have been seeing a lot of "thank you" type messages as will as others 
>of messages that should only be sent to the originator, not to the whole
>list. Please only use the list if you have something all, or most of us,
>will be interested in. Sending "thank you" type messages  just clogs up the
>Travis, sending attachments is not allowed on this list. I recently 
>the list parameters so messages containing an attachment are rejected.
>Larry Cochrane
>Redwood City, PSN
> > Travis,
> >
> >         I've tried to send an attachment with my E-mail thru PSN but the
> > delivery system kicks it back "undeliverable" what's your e-mail addr ?
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