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Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 16:45:50 EDT

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<< I hope you get the free seismometer.
 It sounds like a good deal to me. >>

Hi Danie,

Yes, I did manage to get one. In the end so many people wanted one that only 
7 went to PSN members and I was one of them. The others went to universities 
and others. They are a very nice instrument so a lot of people wanted one. It 
remains to be seen how many people will get one going and recording 
earthquakes. I will try mine out standing in the yard before thinking about 
boreing a hole for it.

I didn't go to the AAVSO meeting this past weekend due it costing a lot of $$ 
and nothing of interest to solar people was planned. I checked the list of 
those who registered and there were no Solar Division people listed. No use 
spending a lot of money to go to such a meeting. 

I built a seismograph here in Florida using your idea of balancing a mass on 
a ruler as a spring. I use a plasterers trowel with the handle removed. This 
gives a tempered spring 14-inches long and 4-inches wide. I mounted it 
vertical and bent it down so the free end is horizontal. A lead weight puts 
the 90 degree bend in it. It has a free period of about 1 3/4 seconds. It's 
damped with a sheet of copper between some radio shack flat magnets. I only 
recently managed to get Alan Jones's Amaseis downloaded and set up and 
working so have only been recording two days. I am recording on a dedicated 
computer, an old 486 PC that I bought for $90 at a hamfest. I had trouble 
with drafts creating big signals but just got that fixed today. I covered it 
with a cardboard box to keep the drafts out and it seems to work quite well. 
The acid test will be can I record an earthquake. I'm waiting for a big one 
to see what happens. Hope all is well with you and your health is improving 
and you are getting lots of Southern Hemisphere variables for Janet.

Best regards, 

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