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Subject: RE: Interesting sensor pickup.
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Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 15:41:45 -0700

Hi Bob

I had thought of that, but I was concerned about introducing a twist into
the wire.  I don't know whether the twist would accumulate over time, but
the wire is so fine that any twisting force causes it to form loops, etc.
Even at the fairly slow pace of 100 RPM, I did not want to take the chance
of snarling up the wire, or worse yet, breaking it.

By the way, the lathe I was using had a treadlebar off switch down near the
floor.  By stepping on it, the lathe stops very quickly.  This is real handy
if a snarl does start to form.  I ended up using it a couple of times when
things started to get out of hand.  If anybody else is thinking of power
winding coils, a fast off switch is a real useful feature to incorporate.


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  Winding a coil using a lathe (or any other means of spinning the coil
form) is easier if you put the spool of wire on the floor.  Stand the
spool on end so that the wire comes off the end.  This means that the
spool does not need to turn, i.e., no tension is placed on the wire by
accelerating the spool.

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