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Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations
From: SW6079@.......
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 00:06:23 EDT

Hi Larry,  Just adding my two-bits worth here.... If you want something 
really quiet,.  Honda makes the quietest in my experience.  They tend to be 
pricey though.  Try garage sales etc.  You will pay about 12 to 25 cents a 
watt  for a Honda.  Roughly 60 percent of that for a cheaper (and noisier) 
brand.  All produce a good sine wave these days.  Be sure to check the actual 
voltage before plugging anything in BTW, I have seen some as much as 20 
percent high!!  You can adjust the governor to change this easily in most 
cases.  Good luck,   Mike.

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