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Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations
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Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 05:19:06 -0700

> Hi Larry,  Just adding my two-bits worth here.... If you want something
> really quiet,.  Honda makes the quietest in my experience.  They tend to
> pricey though.  .  You will pay about 12 to 25 cents a
> watt  for a Honda.   All produce a good sine wave these days

I have had 12 years experience running computers with generators here in the
wilderness. The modified sine waves from Yamaha and Honda are "ok", but
they do eventually , say 2 years tops, ruin the power supplies of the
computers. Also
note that a UPS inline will modify the problem of brownouts with generators.
  After years of replacing power supplies I switched to my solar which by
time had come enough online to handle the whole cabin. First it was much
more quiet. Second, it never ruined a power supply. I still run my system on
solar. It has its own solar. Three Arco panels and 2 100 amp hour deep cycle
Johnson gel cells. And I don't have to worry about gasoline or carbon
byproducts AND
the property smells still like the pine forest it is instead of exhaust:-)
Bob Shannon


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