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Subject: Re[2]: the true life is out there
From: Angel Rodriguez angel@............
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 08:02:32 -0500

Hello Mauro,

I would like to get two more a/d cards and two amp cards from you.  If
possible I would like to get the cards assembled and tested but if you
don't have the time, which I can understand, I would like to get all
the parts to make the boards.  I know from past experience that when a
project has more than one or two parts that is anything out of the
ordinary then I order from the USA and then one little part is on back
order and the project is not possible.

I as said earlier I will sending you as soon as I get it a "cash card"
that you can use in any cash machine.  You can then withdraw the amount you need directly from my
account here in Panama.  No waiting, no transfer fees at your end or my end.

Please let me know.

Best regards,



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