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Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations

> Hi Travis,
> I like your idea and plan on eventually building a similar backup system.
> What I would like to know is how can I go about eliminating the 12V
> AC inverter in your system. Since the computer ultimately runs on DC
> how can I just run it from the 12V batteries?

Might be a small task as some sections use more than 12VDC. You would have
use a 12VDC Altimium stepup transformer with proper windings for various
or build a small PC board or maybe even a breadboard to do the job. and
would have to be regulated very well.
  If you do get an inverter (IMHO the best way to go, you may find yourself
eventually using it for other
neat things like an Oshram maplight for night work on the keyboard!)
....Make sure the inverter is a quality brand such as Trace or Heliotrope.
Both are excellent and the slight extra price makes all the difference.


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