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Subject: Re: Generator recommendations
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Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 14:59:12 EDT

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<<        Probably with some difficulty! The inside gets coated with brown 
 and the jets tend to block up. You can clean out the carb with Brush Clean 
 Fluid / Methylene Chloride, but do wear PVC gloves. Remove any rubber 
 components first. You may have to get some really fine stiff wire. >>

Thanks Chris,

I took the carburetor apart last fall after putting in a new spark plug and 
making sure it produced a spark when I pulled the start rope. The carburetor 
parts are home on the bench in a small pan. I am now in Florida for the 
winter but will fly home on 16 May and try your idea using paintbrush cleaner 
and some # 5 piano wire I have which is 0.15 mm diameter. I can probably get 
it clean enough with the piano wire so that Bob Shannon's system of priming 
with gas in the spark plug hole will get it running again. Before I took the 
carburetor apart I was able to get the engine running by spraying "Starting 
Fluid" which is either, on the air filter. This is easier than priming it 
with gas in the spark plug hole and the Starting Fluid is readily available 
at auto parts stores. People like me who never owned a new car and drive old 
~$300 secondhand pickup trucks (disposable transportation:-) always have a 
can of starting fluid in the tool box. If it won't start on either it ain't 
gonna go!!

Best regards and thanks,

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