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Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations
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Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 22:57:26 -0400

the regulators I noted in the schematic can handle the full 12V direct from 
the battery. Besides, cutting a battery gets crap into the acid/water and 
will shorten the charge life of the battery. On a note slightly the same, 
keep the batteries warm. it helps them last longer. about 90 - 100 deg F 
should be about right (figured this out when I was in the local electric car 
team. the car was US champ due to my endless testing of the batteries for 
performance and of course the driver was a big help.)

I am currently trying to figure out a way to get duel supply (V+ and V-) 
from a single set of batteries. doing so would help in charging.

somebody mentioned taping the 12VDC output of a generator to take over and 
charge the batteries when the power fails. I'm not sure if this would work 
or not. in order to charge a battery, the charge supply must have a slightly 
higher voltage than the battery. I think most chargers are around 13 or 14 
volts. check with the manufacture of the generator for more information 
concerning this.


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>  A computer generally has 4 power sources. +12VDC, -12VDC, +5VDC, and 
>  all sources are needed to run the computer.
>  >>
>Hi Karl and Travis,
>What do you think of this idea:
>1) buy three 12 volt deep charge RV-marine batteries.
>2) Cut into the middle of the top of one battery to find the lead crossover
>terminal that connects the six 2.1 V individual cells in series (wear eye
>protection in case you accidentally short something out and make 
>Test the terminal you uncovered with a voltmeter to make sure there is 6.3 
>to either of the two normal terminals of the battery. If it is the right
>crossover solder a heavy copper wire to it to make it into a center tapped
>12-volt battery that is a dual +6.3 V -6.3 V power supply. Hook a 5V 
>regulator to each 6.3 volt leg and now you have the regulated +5V and -5V
>required to run the computer The center tap should go to neutral on the
>3) Connect the other two 12V batteries in series and their center to 
>on the computer. Put a 12V regulator on each 12.6 V (when fully charged)
>battery and you have the plus 12V and minus 12V regulated power required by
>the computer.
>4) Connect three battery chargers, one to each 12V battery. These should be
>the type that automatically shut down so they don't overcharge the 
>I have one from Sears that puts out 5-Amps on the high setting.
>5) Hook a 12V DC/120V AC inverter to any one of the three 12V batteries to
>run your monitor and seismo. Now if the California Independent System
>Operator (ISO), shuts your power grid down your computer and seismo won't
>even know about it and you won't miss that big one. (Murphy's law almost
>guarantees this will happen;-).
>Of course you will need a gasoline or propane powered generator if the ISO
>turns you off for long stretches of time. If you are optimistic about
>California's electrical power problem being solved in the near future don't
>bother getting the generator :-). I live in a rural farm county in New 
>but our power grid gets overloaded too. Another bigger problem we have here
>is ice storms and big wind storms that blow trees down across the power 
>and leave us without power sometimes for days until the work crews get 
>fixed again. I live on top of a mountain and last summer lightning zapped 
>modem and also the modem in my fax machine despite the power line surge
>protectors that supposedly also protected the phone lines (read the fine
>print on these things and you will see that lighting surges are the one 
>they don't guarantee to protect you from! ). It cost me ~$150 to have new
>modems installed and if had built the independent battery system described
>above I would have saved the modems (if I had remembered to disconnect the
>phone lines). I welcome your thoughts and comments on the above.
>Best regards,
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