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Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations
From: "Travis Farmer" travis5765@...........
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 00:25:36 -0400

I think after a little though, using an inverter would be much more 
efficient. if nothing else, you cant really power the monitor via battery, 
and a computer without a monitor is very hard to work with. (unless you are 
lucky enough to have a VGA input for your brain.)

The trick is charging All the batteries equally and efficiently.


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>Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations
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>The purpose of the POWER GOOD signal is a quick acting signal telling the
>CPU that the power is going down. The CPU then has enough time to
>go to sleep gracefully without damage. It also stops the CPU from starting
>with too low a voltage.
>In using 3 terminal regulators remember that they need around 2 volts over
>the output voltage to be able to function. Considering that, it would be
>effecient to use an invertor. Also each part of the battery string would
>to be charged at a different current to keep all the cells equally charged.
>                      Al Allworth
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>From: "Travis Farmer" 
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>Subject: RE: Gas Generator recommendations
> > Last I knew, the "power good" signal was directed at the power supply so
> > knew if it was getting power to the board. If not, the supply shutdown.
> > I have an old 486 board I can fiddle with and see what happens.
> > I will just connect the power supply wires needed for +-12V, and +-5V. I
> > will report back with the results.
> > I my self am curious if it will work now that I really get to thinking
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