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Subject: Re: Picking up KS36000 Seismometers
From: Doug Crice dcrice@............
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 07:53:49 -0700

The cheapest and least destructive way to ship this unit will be to put
it in a box, drive to the air freight office of an airline that serves
both ends, and personally give it to the airline (specifying slow
freight and hold for pickup).  The recipient drives down to the airport
and picks it up.  Take a look at the United Airlines freight site and you can calculate a shipping price.

Once you involve intermediaries, the price goes up substantially.
Probably it ought to have a real shipping container, like a custom
wooden box or perhaps a surplus ordnance container, as opposed to a
cardboard box. 

UPS or FedEx ground would be cheaper, and include pickup and delivery,
but they won't take over 150 pounds. I guess an exact packed wieght
would answer that question. They would get more abuse enroute.  A real
trucking service will cost you more than air freight by the time the
handlers and liars finish with you.

Karl Cunningham wrote:
> Do you have a preference on a shipper?  Do you want air (quicker) or ground
> (cheaper)?  I'll ask the packing company if they have a recommendation, but
> otherwise I'll look at what other people on the PSN list have suggested.
> As soon as these things are nailed down, I should be able to get it to the
> packager within a day.

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