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Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations
From: Bob Smith bobsmith5@........
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 07:59:06 -0400

I don't think Tom meant to imply that it takes 5 HP to drive a basic
automobile alternator.

While 500W is fairly typical of generator age technology, the typical
automobile alternator today delivers something more in the range of 50
to as much as 100A for larger automobiles.  This is more like 1.2kW and
would need more in the range of 2.0 HP to drive.

Now, for long-term reliability one would want to very conservatively
load the engine.  So running a surplus 5 HP lawn tool engine at about
40% power doesn't strike me as very unreasonable for the goals stated.

	Bob Smith

In a message dated 10/05/01, twleiper@........ writes: 

   The other nice thing about Angel's setup is that you can power it 
   indefintely with a 5 hp engine driving an old auto alternator. 

      A query Tom, a 5 hp engine will deliver 3.7 KW. Auto genertors are 
about 500W. It doesn't sound very efficient. 



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