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Subject: Re[2]: Gas Generator recommendations
From: Angel Rodriguez angel@............
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 17:52:06 -0500

Hello Cap,

Thursday, May 10, 2001, 8:39:46 AM, you wrote:

Cac> So please, Angel, tell me more details about your 1500 Watt inverter/charger. 
Cac> I'd like to get one.

AC power comes from a panel with breakers to the knife switch which
also has 60 amp fuses in it.  From the stitch the AC goes to the
inverter inputs.  The inverter AC outputs go to a panel that feed my
hobby room and all computers and seismo stuff and several misc. light in the house.  The big red and
black cables (#2) go to the inverter DC inputs through a fuse and
through a

When grid power is on the DR1512 is charging the batteries and
passing the AC to its output.

When the grid power fails or at an adjustable low voltage the charger
is turned off and the inverter turned on in less than 28 ms, fast
enough that all of my computers stay alive.

I also have a set of solar panels that can give some charge during the
day if the power is off and in that way extend about 20% the time that
the batteries last.  The batteries are GC4 6 volts 220 amp/hour wired
in series and parallel.  With the monitors turned off I can go 15 to
20 hours without grid power and with a little bit of solar help, I can
go longer. My system draws about 15 DC amps without monitors, 25 to 35
with al monitors on. I have a big monitor that draw a bunch.




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