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Subject: Re: Network Event Reports in WinQuake
From: mprice@........
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 10:16:07 -0700

I tried this from my home system. It didn't work. I checked
my firewall logs and the problem was that my firewall was blocking
incoming finger packets. I changed the firewall to allow
connections from the finger port of remote systems. After
that change, it worked fine. I see no evidence that the
USGS system's firewall is selectively blocking access.

Mike Price

Karl Cunningham wrote:
> Here's my guess ...
> I suspect a firewall on the usgs system is blocking access from certain
> addresses.  I tried quake@................. from work and simultaneously
> from home (via an ssh link to a computer at home).  The work connection was
> fine but my home connection got nothing.  At home I use @home cable-modem
> service and a different provider at work.
> I wonder if they've had problems with hackers attacking from cable systems?

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