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Subject: psn4 & winquake2.7
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 21:49:55 -1000

I've written a utility to convert my raw data files to psn4 format -
still debugging/testing.  I tried to load a file I created with this
utility, but winquake doesn't show it in the open dialogue box, it shows
only other psn (non 4) format files I downloaded from the psn site.

Obviously there is a bug(s) in my utility.  What does winquake look for
in a file before deciding to list the file in the dialogue box?

The StaLta utility seems to read my generated files, I used the psn.h
file that came with this in my own utility.

I have a 0 length (none) variable header and no CRC.


Ian Smith


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