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Subject: Re: Gas Generator recommendations
From: Bob Smith bobsmith5@........
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 10:01:49 -0400

Just got my Spring 2001 flyer from HarborFreight.  They show four models
of Propane and NG generators, 10kW capacity, but cost is $2700-3000.

One w/ Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, one with Honda.  LP or NG
option for either.

Look for item number 42885-1ARA at or
check your local retail store.

There have been some pretty imaginative battery splitting schemes
discussed.  I've looked at the PC power supply problem in some depth a
while back.

The 12V supplies are difficult.  12V batteries range from about 13.8V
down to 9V over the discharge cycle.  This is both above and below the
target voltage so a simple buck or simple boost converter is out.  A
full flyback design or a so called "buck-boost" converter is required.

Perhaps a dual battery supply will be the simplest implementation for
the home experimenter.  25.2V (nominal) DC input.  +12V from a simple
buck converter daisey chained to a +5V buck converter for 5V DC.  Then a
pair of inverting converters for -5V and -12V.

Check out the National Semiconductor Simple Switcher line for an easy
way to go on these.

For those who want to go Hi-Rel or COTS, Use four batteries (nominal
48V) and a set of ViCor modules(bricks) intended for the
telecommunications industry.  But, $$$$

	Bob Smith

ian wrote:
> Capstone seems to have some very interesting products.  Not sure what power
> capacity they start at.  See
> Ian Smith
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