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Subject: Re: Large Explosion
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Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 16:18:15 -0500

Can't speak to any seismic effects on that date or any other, but mushroom
clouds are common with large explosions of any kind.  They are produced by
the explosion's hot gases rising convectively until they cool at some
altitude and spread laterally.

Sounds like someone's attempting to monger a rumor....

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Robert Burnham

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>    Hi All,  I found this on a web page I was referred to.   Did
>anyone record any activity that would verify it?  The Bureau of Alcohol,
>Tobacco and Fire arms (BATF)  and the Pentagon are concealing the cause of
>one of the largest, supposedly  accidental explosions in the United
>States.However, according to  sources, the blast that took place at a
>munitions dump in Arkansas' Calhoun  County on April 29 was caused by the
>detonation of tons of smokeless gun powder  used for small arms ammunition
>in either a terrible accident or a deliberate  attempt to cut into U.S.
>supplies.Centered in a sprawling WWII-era  ammunition storage depot
>located east of Camden, the blast caused a crater 16  feet deep the size
>of a football field, rattling windows and cracking plaster  walls 50 miles
>away. The explosion was so violent that some thought it may have  been a
>small tactical atomic blast. It even produced a pinkish-orange
>mushroom-shaped cloud, a trademark of nuclear  detonation.Randy


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