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Subject: Re: KS36000 manuals
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Why not put the whole thing into a PDF document?
The page quality is good, and they can be viewed by most systems (win and 
linux i know for sure. possably even mac).


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>Subject: KS36000 manuals
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>Hi all --
>The manuals arrived from the USGS in ABQ.  Thanks go to Ms. Tommie Teeter,
>administrative assistant, for very prompt copying and shipping.
>There are two manuals, one for the seismometer and one for the test set /
>controller (TSC).  The manual that covers the 36000 is actually for a Model
>43300 Multichannel Sensor System, which apparently the 36000 is part of.
>It appears to be complete up to change level 6.
>There is a LOT of stuff here.  These manuals appear to be very detailed,
>showing schematics, exploded views, parts lists, and detailed operation and
>maintenance procedures.  All in all, they are about two inches thick.
>Here is a tally of the sizes and numbers of sheets.  With few exceptions,
>each sheet is printed on both sides.
>Multichannel Sensor System (Model 43300)
>  Operation and Maintenance
>    102 - 8.5 x 11 sheets
>      2 -  11 x 17 sheets
>  Circuit Diagrams
>     11 - 8.5 x 11 sheets
>     50 - 11 x 17  sheets
>  Illustrated Parts Breakdown
>     95 - 8.5 x 11 sheets
>     20 - 11 x 17  sheets
>     47 - 8.5 x 11 sheets
>It appears that the best price on copying is for me to do it using our
>office copier, which works out to be about $12 for paper and toner per set
>of both manuals.  Probably makes sense to add a couple dollars for a box
>and other contingencies.  In addition, I'd like to split up the $65 I paid
>the USGS for the first one.  I'll divide it evenly among all who want a
>copy, including myself.  It appears probably can be done for under $25 a
>copy plus shipping, but I'll have a better idea once I know how many people
>want them.  I'll charge each person the actual amount for shipping to them.
>Originally, I said I would make separate copies of the seismometer and/or
>test set controller for anyone who wants either/both.  But since the TSC
>manual is small compared to the rest, I'd like to just make the same number
>of copies of both manuals and not try to keep track of which goes to whom.
>The weight of a copy is about 6 pounds and it will fit in a 12 x 18 x 2"
>In the copy from the USGS, the 11 x 17 sheets are z-folded to fit 8.5 x 11
>format, and that probably should be done again to get them into a
>convenient form.  To spread out this task, I will ship them collated but
>not folded and let each person do their own folding.
>I'd like to stick with UPS for shipping since we are set up to efficiently
>do that from my office.  Shipping costs can be calculated from UPS's web
>Use zip code 92111 as the origin.  It doesn't matter which service you
>choose, but obviously ground is the cheapest.  If anyone can't accept USP
>shipping (PO Box, for instance), let me know and I'll make other
>I know people want their copies as soon as they can get them, but I'd like
>to accumulate requests for a few days and do the copying all in one or two
>runs.  Here is a list of people who I know want one so far:
>Bob Lewis
>Sean-Thomas Morrissey
>Bryan Goss
>If anyone who is not on this list already sent me a request, I apologize,
>but please send me another request.
>If you want one and are not on this list, please email me at
>manuals@...........  I'll accumulate names until early next week, then make
>another plea for last-minute requests, then make a set of copies.
>If there are more requests later on, I'll make more copies but it will
>probably be a few weeks down the road.  And after that, in the absence of
>serious arm twisting, I'll probably be a lot more inclined to take the
>stack to a copy place and have it done (about $50 per set).
>Karl Cunningham
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