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Subject: Re: PDFing KS36000 manuals
From: Terence Dowling dowling@.........
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 11:53:10 -0700

"Charles R. Patton" wrote:

> At best, scanning and direct conversion to PDF would take a huge amount
> of time and require lots of disk space.  I know I would not be up to it.

This isn't necessarily true. Acrobat Capture has been quite successful
at turning imperfect originals into editable and searchable text. Many
parts of the legal profession use this to great advantage.

I don't have one of the KS3600 manuals but I'd be happy to get one
turned into a compact PDF if that is something that the group wants
and the relevant copyright permits.

Terence Dowling             (408) 536-3856
Adobe Systems Inc.          dowling@.........

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