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Subject: ADXL202 Sensor
From: Casey Crane ogzax@........
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 15:03:28 -0700

Hello all,        

        I finally got finished building a two axis sensor using the 
ADXL202 accelerometer and boy, am I disapointed. I am using the analog
outputs rather than the digital pwm outputs and the noise is tremendous.
It is virtually a random noise generator ! I have the bandwidth for the
ADXL202 chip set at 50 Hz along with a 12 Db
15Hz lowpass filter on the output then into a noninverting gain of 
100 into my AtoD. Geez.... I have to literally shake the sensor to
differentiate between the noise and the signal.

I'll try a lower filter cutoff on the lopass and if that dose'nt work,
I'm changing my allegiance to Lehman.

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