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Subject: Re: help me
From: "David Saum" DSaum@............
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 07:32:36 -0400

> From:    agustri 
> Date:    Mon, 28 May 2001 10:43:40 +0700
> Help me,
> We are going to build digital seismograph using data logger and this
> seismograph I'm going to operate in the remote site locations.
> My problems I don't have 110-220 vac in the site location but we only
> have 12 v dc
> from the battery ( + the solar panel) for supply the data logger.
> I will be thankful to you (psn-ers) if you have a sollutions on my
> problems, Thankyou.

Do you already have some kind of computer or
other data storage device to record the seismometer

I am working on some seismometer electronics that can
operate at 5v @ 4 ma.  It has a serial output
of 16 bit numbers at 4 to 20 samples per second.  The data
rate depends on the type of sensor that you
are using: long period, short period or strong
motion.  What kind of sensor do you have?

The simplest way to record this serial data is with a
PC running the Amaseis program.  However if
you can not run a PC with your limited power
I might be able to include some 64kb memory chips on
my board, and set up my microprocessor software to 
record short data segments triggered by seismic events.  
These could be dumped into a PC occasionally. At
20 sps each chip could store ~20 minutes of

Hope this helps,



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