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Subject: Re[2]: help me
From: Angel Rodriguez angel@............
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 06:59:48 -0500

Hello Agus,

I personally am not familiar with any of the equipment you mention.
but for the moment lets just look at what the power requirements for a
minute in light of a solar system.

Let's pretend for a second that what you need is 12 volts @ 5 amps 24
hours a day.

That would be 24 x 5 = 120 amp hours per day.

I don't know what the weather is like where you live but often get
runs of
several days during the rainy season where we don't see the sun.  So
you need some reserve, let just say 3 bad light days, no charging to
speak of and you have to do it all on batteries. You will better know
how long the reserve needs to be.

120 x 3 = 360 amp hours

In my opinion you would need at least 660 amp hour battery bank and
more would be better.

For the charging side if you need 120 amp/hrs/day and pretending can get 10 good charging hours per day you
will need panels that can achieve 12 amps just to keep up.  10 hours of
good charging are very hard to get every day and now and then you will
need more just to maintain you system running and replace what you
used up on a cloudy day.  So double the panel so that you have a
system that can charge 24 amp per hour, 10 hours per day. In my opinion
this is a BIG solar system.  In the US with batteries, cables,
controllers, fuses and whatnot I would say 3000-5000 dollars.

I just chose 12 v at 5 amps you have to do your real energy budget
more carefully.  If your installation is just a hobby and it needs to
be solar and it is mostly for fun you might think of a laptop running
one of David's boards.

If your installation is a professional one, how big is your budget? :-)



Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 11:00:42 PM, you wrote:

a> Hello,
a>  Tank's a lot for your attention with my problems
a> The hardware configuration would be :
a> 1. seismometer - signal conditioning - adc - PC industrial + hard disk -GPS.

a> 2. solar panels - charging-12 VDC (battery)-PC (industrial) - etc.

a> We have short period seismometers model SD-120 and signal conditioning
a> produced
a> by Katsujima co, ltd.

a> We planned to use :
a> 1. ADC type PCL 812 or PCL 818 etc from Advantech or another ADC
a> card.
a> 2. PC industrial : type PCM -5862/ max. power requirements  7 A @ 5 V
a> from Advantech or type PCM-5892 / power supply voltage + 5 V
a> and typical power requirements : + 5 V @ 4.2 A from AAEON co. ltd.
a> 3. GPS from where ? I don't know yet exactly.
a> 4. My we are going to chance the signal conditioning.
a> I would like to let me know  your suggestion about hardware  we have
a> choosen or do you (psn-ers) have another idea. Using hardware mentioned
a> above do you have an idea any compatible software for aquisitions and
a> analysis.


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