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Subject: Re: Building Materials
From: "David A. Latsch" blottobear@..........
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 12:23:47 -0600

Forget wood-not dimensionally stable
Delrin is wonderful stuff-but not for a seismo
frame Thick Aluminum is good.  If can locate
some Invar scraps, they are superb.
Steel or Iron is not  good if you are working
with a magnet/coil setup for obvious reasons.
All metals have a built-in noise effect
(Brownian motion) and it fairly easy to build
a seismo that is too sensitive, that is, one
that can detect  its' own  metallic vibrations.
This is basic problem with any object.
A simple resistor by itself generates a small but
real voltage just sitting there-depending on its'
absolute temperature.
There hobby machinists all over. Most are happy
to help a fellow traveler seeking the truth.

Casey Crane wrote:

> Hi all,
>         I don't have access to any metal working/milling machinery
> and was wondering if any has worked with say, Baltic birch and Derlin or
> PVC stock. I'm trying to design an SG type sensor with somthing other
> than plate aluminum. Are there any caveats with these materials ?
> Casey
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