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Subject: Re: Not so simple photoelectrics, or are they?
From: Jim Hannon jmhannon@........
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 06:41:18 -0500

Having looked into building a spectrophotometer using a linerar CCD array, 
I know a bit about how they work. This web site 
shows Kodaks offerings. There are up to 14000 pixels and the pixel spacing 
is around 5um. I would assume to uses this sort of sensor you would project 
the deflected light beam onto the sensor and use the pixel indicating the 
brightest light to indicated the position of the beam. It takes a lot of 
circuitry to clock the data out of the array and then you have to have some 
sort of circuit or computer software to sort out which pixel is the one the 
beam is on. since there are only a few thousand pixels you cannot get much 
resolution from your sensor. In the case of Kodaks biggest 14000 pixels 
less than 12 bits of resolution. This is truly a not so simple solution.
Thanks, but I will stick with capacitive and inductive sensors. :)

At 02:50 p.m. 30/05/01 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 30/05/01, blottobear@.......... writes:
>Dear Dave Latsch,
>       You have our attention. Please tell us:-
>      What are the physical sizes of the CCD pixels and how many can you get
>in a single strip?
>       Remembering that the movement of the arm on a Lehman may be less than
>1/3,600 of a degree for the 6 sec background movements, how do you suggest we
>use these wonderful strips please?
>       Regards,
>       Chris

Jim Hannon


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