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Subject: Smt8/Vrdt
From: barry lotz gbl@.......
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 19:57:45 -0700

Sean Thomas et al
    I switched over one Smt8 style sensor from Lvdt to Vrdt and
incorporated a zeroing motor. I calibrated the vrdt and it was very
linear. The sensor oscillates well without the Vrdt, so I know the
spring is ok. My problem is when I put the metal strip between the vrdt
coils the sensor won't center. It goes from one end to the other, no
matter how slowly I try to center it. I took the feedback coil out of
the loop during this adjustment. I thought the vrdt was magnitized so I
touched the laminates and center strip with a soldering iron... no
different. Any help?
    Btw.. when I put the feedback coil in the circuitry the sensor
oscillates around the center position then gradually stops and slowly
drifts to one end


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