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Subject: Fwd: Int. Conference on Seismic Risk Reduction
From: "Wayne Abraham" gold1146@...........
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 22:51:11

Hello all

Here is an email I received today which I think may be of interest to the 


>From: Elaine Peņa 
>Subject: Int. Conference on Seismic Risk Reduction
>Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 09:23:28 -0500
>We are from Dominican Republic and we have a International Conference on 
>Seismic Risk Reduction,in the Caribbean Region. We'll like to announce aour 
>conference in the Public SeismiccNetwork.
>As a Committee advisers we have Dr. Vitelmo Bertero, Dr. Luis Esteva, Dr. 
>Jose Restrepo, Dr. Paul Mann. Dr. Omar Cardona, Dr. William McCann, Dr. 
>Carol Prentice and many others. The conference is going to be held on July 
>24-27 200, in Santiago - Dominican Republic
>It is a non lucrative event. We count on the support of numerous 
>institutions. The conference has been promoted mainly to dominicans, but we 
>like people from all over, especially the caribbean, to come.
>Please response soon.
>(Excuse my grammar)
>Jomara Lockhart (Staff

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