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Subject: Re: New email list for KS36000 seismometers
From: "Raul J. Alvarez" ralvarez@........
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 16:19:59 -0600

Hi Karl,

First, let me say thanks for your work on getting the manuals out to us.
They arrived today.  You should have the check by now - mailed it out Monday

I tried to subscribe to: www.ks36000-request@..........  and was not able to
connect.  Is the site ready?


Karl Cunningham wrote:

> Greetings --
> Since getting the KS36000 seismometers from the USGS last month, there have
> been several email discussions both on the PSN list and off.  Thinking that
> future discussions may not be of general interest to people on the PSN
> list, there is a new email list for people involved with the KS36000
> seismometers.
> This list is intended to be used for discussion of testing, installing,
> repairing, operating, or any thing else having to do with the KS36000
> seismometers.  It is unmoderated and open to anyone with an interest in
> these seismometers and their use.
> To subscribe, send an email to ks36000-request@.......... with the word
> "subscribe" (without the quotes) in either the subject line or the body of
> the message.  Posts to the list go to ks36000@...........
> I hope this list works out for everyone.  If anybody has any problems or
> comments, please email me.
> Regards,
> Karl Cunningham
> karlc@..........
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