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Subject: Re: hydrogen gas production
From: Dave Booth kc6wfs@...........
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 22:46:02 -0700

Hi Mike.
What frequency is the antenna or radio for?
I wrist rocket with a spool of fishing line and a led weight would
propel it up far enough for a good HF antenna. Or a fishing pole.
Just a thought.
Dave Booth KC6WFS

SW6079@....... wrote:
> While this is not strictly about seismology and I apologize, I thought one of
> the group might be able to help me out with a problem.   Later this summer I
> will be hiking deep into Glacier Nat. Forest (WA) and I will need to suspend
> a communications antenna from a balloon.  I just don't savor the idea of
> lugging a 40 cu ft Helium or Hydrogen tank 20 mi.  I'd hire a heliocopter if
> I had the bucks, but I don't.   I seem to remember that some compound when
> simply mixed w/ H20  would produce huge amounts of hydrogen gas.  I am aware
> of other methods, but they're too risky (acid and alkalis, etc.)  I have
> looked everywhere I can think of and come up dry.  Anyone have an idea??
> Thank You.   Mike.
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