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Subject: Re: hydrogen gas production (beverage ant.)
From: Bob Smith bobsmith5@........
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 12:18:12 -0400

Mike --

I think you should reconsider your operating plan.

In the current sunspot cycle, operating conditions are pretty good on
the higher bands.

I used to take makeshift dipoles to the Northern Minnesota fishing
camps.  Fed them with RG-58.  I had lots of great contacts in the early
70's on 15M.  20m should be real  hot these days.

If I were in your spot I would investigate 2m handhelds.  From the
Galcier Peak area at 9000 feet, you should have several good shots into
the Seattle area.  If worse cames to worse for emergency work you could
always walk around the mountain.  Check with the local amateur clubs for
repeater availability.

	Bob Smith,  wa4ypv/aar3hq

SW6079@....... wrote:
> On the bev antenna.. Not a bad idea, but we'll be hiking in about about 20mi
> and we will likely be very tired.. Also packing anything extra (poles) in
> follows the general hikers rule that any piece of equipment gains one pound
> for every mile travelled!  We have the real estate for it though.  I may take
> along enough wire just in case.  73, Mike N7ORL
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