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Subject: New WinQuake beta release
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 15:44:22 -0700


I have a new WinQuake beta release ready for download. Links to the file can be found on this page

Here's what's new in this release:

The Open File Dialog box now has a Convert button. This can be used to
convert from the PSN Type 2 or 3 format to the new PSN Type 4 format. When
WinQuake converts, or displays, a type 2 or 3 event file it uses a file
called SENSOR.DAT to fill in the extra fields available in the new format.
This file must be located in the same directory as winqk32.exe. The file is
a standard text file so you can edit it with any text editor. WQ searches
the file for a matching even file extension name and then processes a set of
keywords to fill in the extra info. I have include a sensor.dat file in the
beta release zip file. This should be used as an example when setting up the
file with your sensor information.

The convert feature in WQ can also be executed from the command line
(Windows DOS Box).   Here's the info on the command line format:

 winqk32.exe /c InFileOrDir OutFileOrDir

/c = convert files

InFileOrDir or OutFileOrDir can be a single file or a directory. If
OutFileOrDir is omitted the InFileOrDir files will be replaced. If
OutFileOrDir is used the input files are not deleted or overwritten.
OutFileOrDir has one special keyword (date). If used the (date) keyword will
be changed to the yymm format based on the start time of the event file. WQ
will create the directory if needed. Currently the (date) keyword only works
on the OutFileOrDir parameter.


winqk.exe /c c:\inputfiles d:\events\(date)

The will convert all the PSN Type 2/3 files in c:\inputfiles to the new
and place them in the d:\event\yymm\ directory.

WQ will display the Datalogger version number in the Sensor Information
dialog box. You need to run the new SDR 4.x program for this information to
show up in the dialog box. I added this so I don't have to keep asking
people what version of SDR they are running.

The Latitude and Longitude fields in all dialog boxes that have them can now
display, and the user can enter, higher precision numbers.

I fixed a problem with the g display numbers when display an event file from
an accelerometer.

I think that's it. I would make a real, non beta, release if I had the
documentation up to date. A lot has changed from the last release and I need
a full week of doing nothing but documentation to make the changes.....

As always, please let me know if you run into any bugs. Also, if you see any
dialog boxes that have labels cutoff, misplaced or spelled wrong please let
me know in a private email message.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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